Letter Re: Buckshot's Trapping DVDs--Sale Priced if Paid in Pre-'65 Silver Coinage

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Just thought your readers would like to know that for limited time we are willing to trade DVDs for junk silver (pre-1965 only). Say someone wants to receive three of our DVDs. We pay our shipping to them and they pay their [for the silver] shipping to us. We will allow in trade 6.24 times face value for these coins. So for example, for the equivalent of $49.95 for three DVDs, you would need to send:

83 silver dimes, or
34 silver quarters, or
16 half dollars, or
7 silver dollars

A good combo trade would be (pre-'65) 20 dimes, 8 quarters, 4 half dollars, and 2 silver dollars. Again, this works out to $49.95. The face value in coin is 8 dollars a retail value of 6.24 times face value. Of course you can trade for as many DVDs as you would like. Check the list of DVD titles at: http://www.buckshotscamp.com/Video-Home-Sales.htm- "Buckshot"

JWR Replies: I highly recommend Buckshot's videos. They are a "must" for anyone serious about preparedness, because trapping will be crucial for family provisioning, barter, and charity. I also recommend that people get in the habit of doing some of their business via barter. This may become a necessary skill in the near future.

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