Letter Re: Herbal Medicine and Chevy Suburban Restoration

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Hope all is well with you and your tribe. I have two books you should check out if you have not seen them. 1.) Herbs to the Rescue, by Kurt King M.H., This book is a must to have in the G.O.O.D. pack. 2.) Ditch Medicine by Hugh L. Coffee, also has a video, a good book. My wife and I are both in an Master Herbalist course.It is fun lots to learn, my goal is to be doc-free.The school name, School of Natural Healing in Springville,Utah.

My brother and I were talking trucks, I just got a 1983 Chevy Suburban--it runs good and has a good body. We paid only $900 for it so far so good. My plan is to go bumper to bumper, "born again" Chevy. Any ideas on what to do would be nice, and I try to stay on top of the site. As always, good work. Your site is like fresh air. I'm lovin it! - Paul in Seattle

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