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We are living on our "retreat" now in the Quachita area of Arkansas. After a terrible storm yesterday and a power outage that is still going because Entergy [the local power utility company] has so much going on with the hurricanes, I can wholeheartedly recommend that everyone turn off their power for a weekend and make a list of things they haven't thought of. Hubby and I have decided on more things that we should get. The generator is getting a good workout and we now know how much gas it consumes per hour and can plan accordingly. A couple of flashlights went "dead" and we realized we had forgotten to get new 6 volt batteries for them. The chickens were terrified of the storm and the dark and we realized how difficult the set up is for the generator to power the chicken coup, so more planning. I have more on my list, but I think you and everyone gets the idea. You can plan and plan, but you need to do a dress rehearsal. We are loving the new blog. Keep up the great work. Thanks so much. - Mrs. C.K.

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