Letter Re: Asian Avian Flu

Tuesday, Oct 11, 2005

Dear Mr. Rawles:
I read A. Microbiologist's comments today on Tamiflu becoming resistant to Avian Flu and I wanted to attach a link from Canada.com disputing that contention: http://www.canada.com/health/story.html?id=81201e24-9e91-4287-833b-9da02ff083ac
Regards, - C.P.

JWR Replies: Thanks for sending that along. OBTW, I've had several e-mails from folks with rumored herbal remedies for influenza. Do any SurvivalBlog readers have any clinical data on any efficacious herbal remedies? I'm not looking for "I heard from a friend that..." Rather, I'm looking for concrete double blind test data

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