Letter Re: EMP Protection Advice

Saturday, Oct 1, 2005

Hello Again,

I am a faithful daily reader of your new baby, and at the end of each day, am disappointed that yet another session comes to an end only to be "continued" next eve. (A good problem as you have ignited my appetite for knowledge)! I should have, but did not follow your advice about a "grid down" weekend. Last week, we lost power late at night, and boom ...where?s the generator transfer plug? Where's my rechargeable flashlight, et cetera. Faithful Readers, Listen to Mr. Rawles, we are benefiting from his knowledge!

After your wake up call on Monday September 26th's entry, I am again finding myself questioning my ability to G.O.O.D at TEOTWAWKI. I ask since I do not know, would sheet Lead be of any help around our vulnerable engine components? Any idea's out there on a "DAILY DRIVER" fix that would keep the EMP out? What about our ATVs, is there any technologic age that is less vulnerable to the threat?

I have been watching the video series from Ready Made Resources about Soviet Civil Defense. When the Heck are we the American People going to get with the times and enact new plans? Our country is only a terrorist attack away from mass chaos. Thank You So Much, - The Wanderer

JWR Replies: You aren't the first to mention this. But metal shielding is not the key issue. Shielding would only work if the ignition circuitry were disconnected from your car's wiring harness at the time of an EMP burst--since the wiring harness will work like an antenna, feeding EMP to the ignition circuits. The biggest issue is the gate size of the microcircuits (chips) included in your car or truck's ignition and fuel injection systems. To be invulnerable to EMP, you can either buy a vehicle with a "pre-electronic" ignition (the old type with points, rotor, and condenser) or you can have a more recent non-fuel-injected vehicle retrofitted with a traditional ignition system. Ask your local car mechanic for details on whether or not that is practicable for one of your current vehicles. (Preferably your 4WD.) Regarding your other question: Sorry, but ATV ignition systems are outside of my body of knowledge. Perhaps a blog reader can fill us in.

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