Letter Re: The Wallowa Region

Wednesday, Oct 5, 2005

Mr. Rawles concerning the Wallowa Lake area a few points. Whether or not these are good or bad I leave to you. Around the lake itself the area is expanding as new homes are being built along the southern side of the lake. The region has become a popular tourist area due to events like the Chief Joseph Days which is held in August in Joseph. It includes a decent size rodeo and parade. In Joseph there are several large bronze foundries which serves to draw a number of folks to the area to see the works. Since a modest portion of the town's population is employed in the hospitality industry serving the guests it means that much of the income must be earned during the summer months. Winter in that part of the country can get intense which can severely limit access. According to my wife's grandparents who live in Lostine, real estate prices are climbing as more and more people "discover" the area. I hope these things help. Please keep up the great work with the site and thanks for the hard work. It is much appreciated. I have directed several of my like minded friends there. - M.S.

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