Note from JWR:

Tuesday, Oct 4, 2005

I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that readership is up! The bad news is that because of the steadily increasing SurvivalBlog site traffic, I've had to upgrade our web hosting account with to one of our ISP's "Gold" accounts--which is nearly twice as expensive as our old account. (Was $143, now $311.) Even though I've tried to minimize the number and size of graphics, users are downloading more than 12 gigabytes per month. (They are small files, but there are lots of blog readers!) The recent increase in advertising revenue helps, but the support of individual readers is greatly appreciated! Thusfar, only five readers out of 58,000+ unique visitors have made a bandwidth fund contribution. :-( If you are not patronizing our advertisers, then a bandwidth contribution or perhaps a SurvivalBlog T-shirt order would be appreciated.

Today, I'm covering yet another region in Oregon in my detailed retreat locale analysis series.

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