Letter from Mark G. Re: The Army Aviator on HF Radios

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Howdy Mr. Rawles,

I have been reading your blog for the last week or two, and I also read your book [Patriots] last week (lots of good info, thanks!) I have a question regarding the post referenced in the subject line: Are the GRC-215 radios available surplus, or is there something similar available on the commercial market? Since I have been following your thoughts I have become more interested in communications (never thought too much about post-SHTF comm before), and I would like to eventually get something similar, although a SSB capable CB will probably come first, and I will need to get a Ham license. - Mark. G.

JWR Replies: AN/GRC-215 backpack HF transceivers are often available from Fair Radio Sales, along with many other military surplus radios AND my favorite military surplus field telephone: the TA-1. (These are ideal for coordinating retreat security with your neighbors during a grid-down situation.) OBTW, why this company is not yet a SurvivalBlog advertiser is a mystery to me. (I think that they'd be a natural.)

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