Letter from Mr. Yankee Re: The "Expired" 1994 Gun Ban Still Plagues New Yorkers, and New Years Resolutions

Thursday, Dec 22, 2005

Two quick points of interest:
#1 - Here in New York state, the [Federal] 1994 ban did not sunset. The Federal laws that the rest of the nation enjoys freedom from after September 2004 [when the 1994 AWB's 10 year "sunset" clause went into effect], are duplicated by state law with no sunset provision inside New York State.

#2 - As already noted on Survivalblog, New Year's resolutions are a wonderful opportunity to reset our priorities. My resolutions will include spending the $6 per week formerly spent on a six pack of beer on an expanded reserve of family medicines instead. Recent aches and pains after hunting in snow country has convinced me both to drop some pounds and stock up on pain relievers and other over the counter remedies! We too received a foot of snow this weekend, we had a power outage for several hours to boot. Made me glad that I had that wood pile to draw on :) - Mr. Yankee.

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