Letter Re: On Brass Recycling

Wednesday, Dec 7, 2005

I saw your post today about scrap metal. My brother was in a rather serious relationship with a wealthy Chinese girl (both college students). Her family owned a number of restaurants and my brother got to be very close to the family. The family’s primary wealth came from selling scrap steel to main land china though. My brother also believes the family was into some sort of organized crime, and slowly backed out of the relationship with the girl fearing for his safety. He is an international business student and is very astute when it comes to financial matters, and the amount of money this family was making with this venture piqued is curiosity.

I find it disturbing finding out they are buying up so much brass as well. It blows my mind that we trade with favored status to a nation that considers us an enemy. More policy makers should read Sun Tzu. - Sam Markley

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