Search Engine Privacy--And Google's 30 Year Cookie Retention Iniquity

Sunday, Jan 22, 2006

Part of being a prepared individual is keeping a low profile. I don't heavily emphasize privacy issues on SurvivalBlog, but I do recommend that you learn how to fly under the radar, just on general principle. My philosophy: Don't leave big paper trails or bit trails. An interesting article recently appeared at Wired News, titled "How to Foil Search Engine Snoops"  See:,70051-0.html?tw=wn_tophead_2

For greater privacy, the author recommends using either the Firefox PC browser or the Safari Macintosh browser. He states: "In Firefox, you can go into the privacy preference dialog and open Cookies. From there you can remove your search engine cookies and click the box that says: "Don't allow sites that set removed cookies to set future cookies. In Safari, try the free and versatile PithHelmet plug-in. [See:] You can let some cookies in temporarily, decide that some can last longer or prohibit some sites, including third-party advertisers, from setting cookies at all."
He also recommends: "If you are doing any search you wouldn't print on a T-shirt, consider using Tor, The Onion Router. [See:] An EFF-sponsored service, Tor helps anonymize your web traffic by bouncing it between volunteer servers."

The article also mentions the tried and true (but slow) See:

OBTW, if any of you techno gurus would be so kind, I'd greatly appreciate a summary article about Internet privacy to post on You might even win our non-fiction writing contest. (The prize is a four day course certificate at Front Sight!)

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