Letter Re: Stocking Up on Reusable Plastic Plates and Bowls

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Something just occurred to me as far as an overlooked essential: food plates and bowls. The glass mixes (Corelle, etc) are far better than the stoneware for cleanliness and durability, but they can still be broken. I found out recently that the cheap, media tie-in dishes that extol Disney and various other children's movies are not only unbreakable plastic, but are immune to gun cleaning solvent--I used an old one, figuring to throw it away when done. But a quick rinse with a dab of soap and it was clean--impervious to the chemical, not even the cartoon image was blistered. I then tried acetone, gasoline and an acidic household cleaner. These things are brutally tough.
We picked up the last batch for the kids at a Goodwill [thrift store] for five cents a plate or bowl. It may look funny at your campsite or TEOTWAWKI eating off Bug's Life or Buzz Lightyear plates, but at least you'll have plates to eat off. Or dig with. Or mix chemicals in. Or play frisbee with. - Michael Z. Williamson

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