Letter Re: Cell Phone E-911 Tracking

Friday, Apr 14, 2006

I think this would come under the heading of privacy....or our losing more and more of it on a daily bases. I got a call from my cell phone company today (US Cellular) they told me that I was going to be required to bring in my old phone...the same one I have had for five years... and trade it for one that was capable of being tracked by 911 (these are the [E-911] ones with GPS chips in them.) I told them that I did not want to. They told me I had no choice. They said that continuing to use the phone would result in FCC fines. (Has anyone else heard about this?) It seems that the only choice they are letting me have is picking out my new phone. So I'm going to have to do this, and according to them everyone who has an old phone is also going to be required to trade. So, I guess I will also be building a Faraday cage to keep my phone in when not in use. Actually, I'm just going to keep it in an ammo can. Hey, it's my business where I go and what I do, not the government's. - The Army Aviator

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