Letter Re: New Zealand as a Retreat Locale?

Sunday, Apr 2, 2006

Mr. Rawles,
Thank you again for your blog. It is a VERY helpful resource. I plan on becoming a contributor to your site soon. What are your thoughts on moving to New Zealand? Would it be an alternative 'safe place' to be located, instead of putting together a retreat here? You have chosen to remain in the states for certain reasons. What are those reasons? Regards, - Luke

JWR Replies: The mild climate, low population density, and low crime rate in new Zealand make it quite appealing as a retreat locale. I can say much the same for parts of Canada and Australia. The downside in all three countries is that their citizenries are unfairly subjected to draconian gun laws. (At least by American standards.) If you can live with registering all of your guns and some ridiculous restrictions on full capacity magazines, then by all means take a look in New Zealand. By reputation, the real estate firm to consider there is Bayleys. (http://www.bayleys.co.nz/)

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