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A Blackwater Brigade for Darfour?

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U.K.'s Prime Minister Blair Calls for a Technological Revolution to Combat Climate Change

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SurvivalBlog readers in the Great Lakes region should consider getting training from Dave Schleicher of Eagle Personal Protection, in Michigan. Dave is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor who shares his knowledge gained at a wide range of schools including Lethal Force Institute(LFI-I and LFI-II certified), Options for Personal Security (Handgun Skills and Tactics, Carbine, Surgical Speed Shooting), Universal Shooting Academy, Gunfighters, Ltd., Suarez International (Low Light Gunfighting, Close Range Gunfighting, Knifefighting) and E.A.G. Tactical (Combat Carbine.) Dave really knows his stuff, and offers small class sizes with lots of individual attention.

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DefenseTech reports that DARPA is developing mini-sensors called "Camouflaged Long Endurance Nano-Sensors":(CLENS)

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Here is a great web site on mortgage banking economics: Great Depression 2 ("Fannie, you're in a heap-a trouble!")

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