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A professor at the University of Texas proposes that a plague wiping out 90% of Earth's population would be a good thing. (I'm dubious.) See: http://story.seguingazette.com/drudge.html, and  http://www.sas.org/tcs/weeklyIssues_2006/2006-04-07/feature1p/index.html

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I just heard that Ready Made Resources is now offering free shipping on their freeze dried food!

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To our U.S. readers: Just enter your zip code in the site below, and it tells you which gas stations have the lowest (and the highest) gasoline prices in your zip code area. It's updated every evening. Be sure to scroll down after getting a map of your area.  See: http://autos.msn.com/everyday/gasstations.aspx?zip=&src=Netx



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