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For those of you that own .223 AK-47s, I just noticed that the folks at K-VAR got in a batch of those nifty Bulgarian "clear" plastic AK magazines. Tell them that Jim Rawles at SurvivalBlog sent you.

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DEA Agent shoots himself in the foot during lecture--stupidity caught on tape

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The markets were closed yesterday for Good Friday, but the New York Access ("after hours") Market was open, and the commercial traders bid spot silver up to $12.91 per ounce! With silver consistently holding over $12.70 and the launch of two silver ETFs just around the corner, a "short squeeze" in silver is looking more likely. If there is indeed a full scale squeeze on the short sellers, spot silver could jump to $18 an ounce (or higher) within the span of a week. Mark my words...

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