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U.S. Army Dragon Skin body armor test have been delayed.

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Oil and natural gas industry analyst Dr. Joe Duarte reports of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez is taking decisive steps to turn off the oil taps to the U.S. He says that
Venezuela's state owned oil company PDVSA has inked a key deal with India, taking the first key step away from the U.S. as its major oil buyer.

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SurvivalBlog reader Scott M. told us about a novel "Send A Brick" congressional mailing campaign has been launched in the U.S., designed to a send a not so subtle message to our legislators about the need for need for better border security. By the way, we've heard that NoNAIS.org is planning "Egg Day" which will involve mailing more than 10,000 plastic Easter eggs.

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The Wiggy's 15% off sale on sleeping bags ends in just nine days. Get your order in soon! OBTW, they also have their woodland camouflage Desert Combat Parkas on sale for 25% off. (A great item.)

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