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From Fortune magazine: Ready for $262 Per Barrel Oil?

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A new Biodiesel Reactor Technology was announced by Oregon State University researchers. For some technical details, see this PDF.

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Some interesting commentary on the Refuge Blog: "Mistaken Entitledness is a Core Global Issue"

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U.S. Agriculture Secretary Johanns releases national animal ID implementation plan. For details, see the USDA's official plan (a PDF.) Be careful not to be fooled by their claims of "extensive dialogue with producers and industry organizations across the country." The NAIS is being advocated by the big agri-corps as a method to eliminate competition and gain access to foreign markets. Preventing disease is just an excuse. Please see the NoNAIS.org website for the other side of the debate. Please spread the word about this treachery. NoNAIS has several nice posters, pamphlets, and flyers that you can be print out.

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