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The switch from MTBE to ethanol for gasoline oxygenation has caused a Gas Shortage on U.S. East Coast

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A Titan 1 Missile Base in Eastern Washington is Being Auctioned on eBay. Wow! 57 acres, 120,000 square feet of underground space, and hundreds of million of dollars worth of concrete. It has been bid up to $476,000 and there are still two weeks until the end of the auction. I spoke briefly with the seller about the property. He said that the nice thing about this one is that the water table is down at the 400 foot level. Thus, there has been no groundwater intrusion into the silos--a common problem found in missile bases in other areas. This one is also fairly well removed from likely nuke targets. (Some of the other missile bases that have recently been for sale are in the middle of active Peacekeeper missile fields!) BTW, for some similar properties, see http://www.missilebases.com

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Victor Davis Hanson opines: Where are People More Safe? -- Iraq Versus California

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A scholarly analysis on Multiculturalism, Immigration, and Aztlan by Maria Hsia Chang

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"Biosecurity" is the buzzword du jour at chicken, turkey and egg operations across the country.

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