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As a follow-up to our recent item on surplus Titan missile bases, a reader spotted this fly-in dream home/bunker for New Yorkers: http://www.silohome.com. The asking price is a cool $2.3 Million. OBTW, please don't bug Bruce James with any questions unless you are a sincere, qualified, potential buyer. And if you do you buy the place, tell Mr. James that Jim Rawles from SurvivalBlog sent you, and hopefully I'll get a nice little "non-agent" commission.)

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Financial analyst Puru Saxena warns "Cash is Trash."

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It is hardly a news flash for SurvivalBlog readers, but MSN Money Central's Bill Fleckenstein reports: The Housing Bubble Has Popped

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Spot silver is recovering nicely, after the recent profit-taking. I hope that you bought on the recent dip, because I don't think that there will be many more pull-backs that will bring silver below $12 per ounce. The silver bull will soon resume his charge.

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