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Friday, Apr 7, 2006

An object lesson in inflation: Take a look at the 5 billion (millard) Mark note from the Weimar Republic, and ponder it. Hyperinflation has happened before, and it will happen again.  It is a risk in any country where the currency is not freely redeemable from the national treasury in specie.

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SurvivalBlog reader J.N. sent a link to a site with free PDFs of many military medical manuals. Also, a PDF for anyone wanting to know more about wound healing and suturing:

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On the lighter side: Our friend Chuck says, "Regarding Gold... This is how I feel! Gold hit $600 per ounce, yesterday. And silver is holding over $12!

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I just added a big pile-o-books to my mail order catalog. There are some great titles on a wide range of subjects, all from my personal collection--which I am presently paring down. See: http://www.survivalblog.com/catalog.html

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