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Sunday, Mar 23, 2008

Wayne V. mentioned a piece in The Financial Times: Central banks float rescue ideas. Here it comes folks! This is the "Mother Of All Bailouts" (MOAB) that I warned you about. It may cost literally trillions of dollars. This will be very, very expensive for those of us that pay Federal taxes. If the US Treasury can't raise enough funds through taxation, they'll monetize the new debt. That will generate lots of inflation, which is, of course, a hidden form of taxation.

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SF in Hawaii suggested this blog post: Seven of the Most Important Economic Events of the Last Seven Years: Collapsing the Economy in the Buildup to World War III

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Mark from Michigan sent us a video clip link to a very clever Glock pistol adaptation. Too bad that its just a prototype. This is enough to give a liberal politician like Chuck Schumer apoplexy.

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HPF suggested a great video clip of an interview with legendary investor Jimmy Rogers. He predicts mass inflation, a collapsing dollar, and a continuing bull market in commodities. He also predicts trouble with Fannie Mae, and that US interest rates will eventually have to be jacked up to 20% again (a la the late 1970s). Citing the Japanese experience of the 1990s, Rogers correctly opines "It costs you more to prevent a recession than it does to have a recession. Recessions are a good thing. They clean out the excesses so you can start over."

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