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Friday, Feb 6, 2009

David V. recommended the latest essay from commentator Charles Hugh Smith's Of Two Minds blog: Pandemic, Drug Resistance and Natural Selection

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As the red ink continues to spread across the globe, here is today's economic news: Some Deep Schumer talk in the UK: Gordon Brown suggests world heading for a 'depression'. SF in Hawaii suggested this: Afshin Rattansi talks to Max Keiser about the Dollar. Max Keiser says: "Free market capitalism in America is dead", and: "The technical strength of the Dollar will be short-lived." Reader H.P.D. sent us a link to Mish Shedlock's latest commentary: The Game is Up. Reader G.G. suggested this essay by David Roche: Blight of capital protectionism will give rise to dollar crisis. And from The Economatrix comes all these items: Circuit City Ripples to Be Felt for Years -- 500,000 More US Jobs Lost in January -- Major UK Retail Investor Collapses -- Now Russia Gets Caught Up in Credit Crunch -- How to Play the Coming Gold Price Jump -- Rising Unemployment Hits 98% of Metro Areas -- Bad News Means Bad News (The Mogambo Guru) -- Riots Around The World Because of Skyrocketing Unemployment

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Thanks to G.G. for two encouraging news items, first from The Financial Times: Demand for seeds, canning supplies boom, and from The St. Louis Business Journal: Olin Q4 profit triples on ammunition sales. And linked from that article was this: Dealers: Assault rifle sales up; long waiting list for handguns

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Several readers have written to mention HCR 6, which will hopefully soon be considered by the New Hampshire legislature. I first mentioned it in SurvivalBlog on Monday. The resolution is a step in the right direction, but keep in mind that for now it is only a proposed piece of legislation. Until it is passed and signed by the Governor, it is not much more than the source of conjecture. I hope that the sovereignty reservation movement catches on in other states. I'll continue to publish updates.

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