Letter Re: Nefarious Uses of Google Earth

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Howdy Mr. Rawles,

I had two comments to add to the conversation about thieves using Google Earth to steal koi.

First, when we typed our address into Google Earth, it popped to a house about a 1/4 mile from us (we checked that fact many times, not just once, so it was not a typo on our part). That was just ducky with the family, as it helped our farm stay invisible. After reading about the koi thefts, I decided to check on Google Earth again. I was so disappointed when it popped right to the farm this time!

The good thing is, since we live on a 40 acre farm, it puts the cursor right dead in the middle of the farm, in the biggest pasture. It's still hard to determine which house goes with the farm.

So if you too were rural and formerly invisible because Google Earth didn't know where you address actually was, you might want to check it again.

Second thing is when I was messing around with Google Earth I discovered how vital trees are. Specifically evergreen trees.

There are a series of pictures you can look at of the farm, dating back to 1998, taken by Google Earth.

My husband sells and delivers CONEX containers (also called cargo boxes and sea cans). My hubby installed our own 40 foot CONEX container right next to our house. We specifically picked a brown one to bring home for ourselves. My husband has legally held a CDL since he was 14 years old, and is an excellent driver, able to get the CONEX containers into difficult spots. Ours is next to the house, under the evergreen trees, and just a few feet from our propane tank.

The under the evergreen trees is the important part. In the latest pictures taken by Google Earth, you positively cannot see that an entire 40 foot CONEX container has been added to our property.

So look at Google Earth, and determine the best spots to plant evergreen trees to help camouflage your property and buildings. Sincerely, - Garnet

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