How to Get Your Spouse to Become Preparedness Minded, by Keith I.

Wednesday, Jun 2, 2010

The most difficult situation to encounter when preparing for survival is getting your spouse on board with you. By using some of my techniques hopefully you will get your spouse to understand that you are truly in touch with reality. Until your spouse is 100% percent committed to survival you will always feel an anchor weighing you down psychologically and financially. The psychological toll is simple- Every time you do something out of the norm, that spouse will sometimes question your sanity and if you are not a psychologically stable person, you may begin to question your own sanity. The fact of the matter is most survivalists are people who tend to read more books rather than believe everything the television tells them. We are just normal people who understand preparation is better than cure. As for the financial aspect- If your spouse doesn’t take survival seriously he/she will more likely spend two thousand dollars on a shiny new plasma television rather than buying something to increase your survival odds such as silver, food, medicine, etc.

Here is my step by step method for getting a spouse on board:

1) You first must understand your spouse and utilize the traits of their personality that will eventually get them to take action. For example, if you have a husband that is money hungry, you must start informing them of the possible dollar collapse and him losing all of his hard earned paper money. Give him credible links on the internet for him to look at which explains the difference between paper money and precious metals. Another example is for the religious type of spouse. Show them Bible verses pertaining to the future and the mayhem that will take place on planet earth before Jesus returns. Regardless of those two examples, you must give them something that they can relate to.

2) Once you narrowed in on the personality trait that you will exploit to get their attention then you must use the “drip” method. This simply means you always give them some new information pertaining to the subject(s) that affects them most. Occasionally leave them a CD or DVD pertaining to your survival topic of choice. Email them a link to watch something on YouTube via the personal computer. On birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion, buy them a silver or gold coin depending on your budget. Wait a few weeks later and say “I just made you some money”. When they ask how, kindly explain to them that the price of that precious metal has increased in the stock market. Either way, the idea is to keep dripping information on them and use a subtle approach if you can.

3) Use the kids to get their attention. If you have children, remind them that your job as parents is to protect them no matter what. Ask them how would they feel if their child drowned because mommy/daddy didn’t make them a sailboat? It may sound childish but you can choose your words for the discussion. Eventually, the love they have for those children will make them take action or at the least, shut up and stay out of the way while you make preparations. You can also have a family movie night and watch a movie that will make them think. Rent a movie like 2012 one week and then follow up with a movie like The Book of Eli. The third week, have them watch something like Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA or I Am Legend. While your spouse is in the room, encourage your kids to give their opinions of the movie. Those movies will open doors to those conversations you may not me comfortable bringing up. If your spouse tries to leave the room at the moment you quickly reel he/she back in by saying the old, “Can’t you spend time with your family for a five minute discussion!?!” Its underhanded but when it comes to the survival of your family , the ends justifies the means. Don’t worry your kids will ask plenty of questions and you need to be ready to tell them with authority that Mommy and Daddy will make sure they are safe and they will have plenty of food and water. A theme you should highlight from these movies is the fact that some people were prepared and some people were not.

4) Did I mention manipulation? You will sometimes have to use it. Here is how. Suppose your spouse doesn’t want to visit a mother- in-law. You let them get out of the visit on the grounds they accompany you to the gun show (or any other event).They say in life we have to give in order to get.

5) Pray and read the Bible. This is highly underrated with people in our society in general. Hence the reason our society is on a crash course for disaster. You should ask God help in opening your spouse’s eyes concerning survival preparation. Sometimes a spouse is just plain hardheaded and you will need supernatural help. If they are a Christian who claims to read the Bible, there are numerous verses you can challenge them on concerning survival preparation. We can start with Noah, the original survivalist. He endured all the humiliation and yet he still prepared. He didn’t say the quote that many misguided Christians say concerning disaster, “Well, God is Love, so he will never allow that to happen”, or “We don’t have to worry about that, we’ll be caught in the rapture”. God always gives warning before the storm, its up to you to listen and prepare. In fact, just give them simple logic. In chapter 24 in the book of Matthew, Jesus is asked about the end of the world. He tells his disciples about the mayhem which will take place on planet earth first and then finally in verse 31 he tells of the rapture. If the spouse still doesn’t think that they you interpreted it correctly you can tell them to read the book of Revelation. Christians argue that the rapture occurs at Revelation Chapter 7 or Chapter 11. Regardless of either one, prior to Revelation Chapter 7 utter mayhem has broken out on Earth. So, you can show them again that they need to stop thinking rapture and begin thinking survival preparation. There are good Bible studies online concerning survival preparation, the New World Order, Martial Law, and Earthquakes.

6) Lead by example. If you are serious with your preparations for survival your spouse will eventually know it. If your lackadaisical with your preparations they will treat it accordingly. Don’t talk about it, be about it! Let them see you buying extra food. Let them see you getting solar panels for the house. Let them see you buying gold and silver. Your actions will dictate their long term attitude and behavior. Set your computer browser to a survival type web site whenever the Internet is turned on. I recommend SurvivalBlog or PrisonPlanet for starters. I have numerous friends that can attest to this. If your spouse knows that you are serious they will begin to take your survival preparations seriously. Especially when they continue to turn on the news and see that things are getting a bit unstable here in the U.S. as well as abroad.

7) Use the car stereo as your ally. Whenever informative programs are on such as Coast to Coast A.M. or Alex Jones, try to demand to listen to the program while your spouse is in the car. This way you haven’t brought along a CD to force them to hear but at least they are hearing a radio program that may have some survivalist type thinking. Check your local radio listings for something in that realm of thinking. Make the ride in your car as another way to wake up that spouse of yours from the dream world they are living in.

In Closing: Try to have fun. It took me a year to finally get my spouse on board and committed. It was aggravating at first but now I know how lucky I am. But you know what, she now says the same thing about me. I used all the methods I mentioned with her and eventually she has joined me on the journey of survival. Now we have fun. We go to gun shows together and laugh at some of the weirdoes we meet but we laugh harder when our family members call us weird. We laugh at how blind and misguided the masses have become. We laugh when people believe everything their government tells them. We laugh at the gun range when she always manages to shoot the target underneath the belt buckle (although she was aiming for the head).

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