Letter Re: What Your Cell Phone Could Be Telling the Government

Friday, Sep 17, 2010

James Wesley:
Regarding the recent article at the Time magazine web site that has been forwarded far and wide: What Your Cell Phone Could Be Telling the Government. Remember, this is America. While there is no better place on earth to live, you are never any more free than They allow you to believe you are at any given moment. All you can do is live out your life, raise your family, eke out some happiness, and try to affect the change that is important to you in the short time you are here. It is certainly worthwhile (and patriotic) to be distrustful of Government, but I refuse to live under the thumb or watchful eye of my government. The first step in making them understand they work for us is to just refuse to play the game or let them dictate the Narrative in the first place.

Google is a prime example of why you have a lot more to fear from Corporate America than you ever did from the .gov. That is saying a lot. Corporations are a lot more free to abuse and damage you than the .gov will. A day is coming where every 'questionable' thing you ever did on the Internet or bought with a credit/debit card will be made available for a fee. At first it will be used for pre-employment screenings and to expose political enemies, eventually it will be offered to anyone for a small fee. Our Government would kill to have as free a hand as Google does! - C.D.C.

JWR Replies: I have my doubts about the government's current access to Internet data "without a warrant." It is noteworthy that Katie Jacobs Stanton, a former Google Project Manager now works in the Obama White House.

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