The P6 Preparedness Matrix, by L2L

Wednesday, Sep 8, 2010

The P6 Preparedness Matrix (priorities + planning + products + provisions + practices + perspective = preparedness) is at the core of success in life. Each of these aspects are essential if we are to be prepared for what ever may befall us in any area of life; both the normal dailies as well as situations unique or unusual to us including long term survival. Think of a six sided cube. These six aspects frame the P6 Preparedness Matrix and thereby define and appropriately constrain our actions (our preparedness if you will) in any situation.

These six aspects, for the purpose of understanding the P6 Preparedness Matrix, are defined as follows:

We are all familiar with most of these concepts. However, I wish to present a discussion specifically related to the aspect of 'perspective'.
What if the entire TSHTF or TEOTWAWKI 'perspective' is wrong? What if everything that has been discussed about societal and government breakdown along with all associated aspects that so many of your loyal readers are willing to accept as reasonable possibilities are all events leading up to TSHTF or TEOTWAWKI? What if none of these efforts to cobble together some sort of long term survival scheme will be successful for reasons we aren't able to see or are personally unable to accept? Thus Perspective is at the core of any Preparedness effort.

Historically speaking, virtually every form of government has been tried, some with a greater measure of success than others, but not one has achieved the unfettered, unencumbered Utopia that each of us desires. Not one of us wants to live subjugated to, under the domination or rule of a leader who doesn't have our best interests in mind when governing. Because of that, mankind has throughout our history constantly fought and fought for his right to choose. We have throughout history convinced ourselves that no one can better choose for us the we ourselves...individually. A recent contributor made clear that they were willing to die protecting the right of choice.

[A discourse on comparative religions, with a lengthy quote deleted, for brevity.]

While this brief discussion presents just two of the potentially compelling arguments that could be made, without touting specific religious beliefs, I would go so far as to suggest that failing to establish your P6 Matrix with this possibility in view might leave you vulnerable and in an indefensible position from which you cannot recover.

After all, if the Chinese character etymology is correct with regard to the story of a global deluge, then perhaps survival was anything but self-defined. There is nothing in any of the global deluge accounts to indicate there was more than one vessel. Sometimes making the right choice means accepting that when presented with only one choice we recognize that it is still a choice. Vision is not perspective if disconnected from reality. If you can't see the future in the present, then you will become part of the past. Develop your P6 Preparedness Matrix and gain 'perspective'.

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