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Monday, Nov 1, 2010

Reader Edmond H. notes: "An item I like is the Pak-Lite flashlight. It is perfect for the pocket, pack, purse, or in the car or truck. It is essentially a 9Volt battery with two LEDs and a switch mounted on top. A strap was included on mine. I purchased one for each for every member of the family. It often takes the place of my Surefire which is overkill for many simple chores. It has a dim and a bright light setting. If the battery ever goes dead, just pop on a new one. Their web site says [each battery lasts] 200 hours on bright, and 1,200 hours on dim. I just know it is lasting a long time with no sign of weakening. Durable, its been dropped on dirt and rocks with no damage."

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New Hidden Missile System Unknown To Feds

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Directive 21 (one of our advertisers) will have a booth at the Self Reliance Expo on Nov. 5th and 6th 2010 in Sandy, Utah.

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