Force Multipliers for Retreat Groups

Monday, Dec 13, 2010

In the past 60 years military organizations of First World countries have often dominated their foes in combat because they've taken advantage of Force Multipliers. These are technologies or tactics that dramatically increase ("multiply") their combat effectiveness. These multipliers are typified by electronic communications, aerial bombardment, intelligence gathering, rapid troop transport, electronic warfare, force concentration, and the use of precision guided "smart" munitions.

Similarly, I suspect that in a post-collapse world, Constitutional law and order will best be reestablished by those who stand ready to employ force multipliers of their own. These will likely include:

Think through some likely situations and the force multipliers that you could prepare to employ. And, as always, avoid breaking the law. A Federal prison is a very bad place to be when TSHTF.

As you read my book "How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It" and as you work your way through the SurvivalBlog archives--best accomplished with the Search box--be sure take notes on potential force multipliers.

Once you have a list of force multipliers that are within your budget, then gather the references, lay in the tools and supplies, and finally practice the requisite skills.

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