Maintaining Good Morale in a Survival Situation, by Lisa F.

Saturday, Dec 10, 2011

While much has been written about the essentials of survival (emergency shelter, fire-making, water purification, defense, hunting, bug-out-bags, etc.), few survival experts have focused on ideas and tactics for maintaining morale and good mental health in a stressful and possibly sustained emergency situation.  This essay is intended to arm the reader, figuratively speaking, with some tools for helping people stay positive and energized while under stress.  These tips and ideas will be useful for any group, whether or not it includes children, or an individual.  The games are not my inventions; rather, I’ve picked them up over the years from work at camps and with team building groups.

For your kit:           

Games for when you have room to run around and can make noise:

Games that don’t involve running around:

Ongoing games:

Other ideas and resources:

A quick internet search using the terms “minute mysteries” or “brain teasers”  will find countless activities you can add to your repertoire.  Crossword puzzle or Sudoku books would also be welcome in many a survival camp.  You could plan calisthenics or stretching as a group, using yoga cards or your own memories, to get people together and focused on feeling good.  Most activities can be made into games or friendly competitions with the right attitude; it goes without saying that a positive attitude and orientation towards collaboration may be the most crucial tools in your survival toolkit.  The best thing about these activities is that you don’t have to wait for a survival situation to use them!

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