Letter Re: The Exposed Backbone: The Risk of Cyber Attack

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I too am a 25 year IT veteran with the last 14 years specializing in information security.  I am currently in process of completing a PhD in the field.  There is nothing that currently exists that can save us from the coming cyber attack that will devastate our infrastructure.  The security vulnerabilities are legion.  Our only hope is the Lord and using the good minds He gave us to become self-sufficient.  The vain attempts of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency has only resulted in a loss of our personal freedom and privacy.  The more I learn, the more I know how vulnerable we are.  I spent a couple of years being extremely depressed about our inability to protect ourselves from a technological perspective, now I’m all about action and it has nothing to do with technology.  It has to do with striving for total independence – off the grid living – and zero trust in the established government for protection.  There is no such thing as security.  There is no such thing as privacy.  There is only God.  Maranatha – Lord come quickly.  - C.J.

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