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Washington's wolf packs are spreading west to the Cascade mountain range. [JWR's Comment: I predict that it won't be until wolves start snatching dogs, cats and perhaps kids out of back yards in western Washington that the state legislature takes action.]

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Election maps show "shrunken" Redoubt. These maps illustrate how light the population density is here!

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A reader told me about another prepper-friendly church in Idaho: Grace Sandpoint Church.

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Montana lawmaker asks to be paid in gold. His request was very quickly denied.

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A rare event: Bank robbery in Rexburg, Idaho. SurvivalBlog reader "Jen" sent the link and mentioned: "Look at the picture of the robber leaving the credit union. He is reported to have "cleaned out" the bank after he locked all of the employees in the vault. Note how empty the bag is. That credit union had very, very little cash in it. I guess even the bank robbers are going to have to work a little bit harder. A bank run there would have been over in minutes;"

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