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Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012

Here is a county-by-county map showing the outcome of the November 2012 presidential election, in the same format as the familiar 2008 election map. Note the similar tallies in both elections for the conservative American Redoubt region. Parenthetically, I must mention that the western halves of Oregon and Washington are not in the Redoubt, for good reason. Those parts are largely populated by statists. The eastern halves of those states are solidly conservative, with folks who favor small government.

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Cynthia B. mentioned "a fabulous little company in Columbia Falls, Montana that designs and develops quadrocopters [and octocopters] for do-it-yourself drone builders:" Check out their videos, such as those of flights at Glacier National Park.

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Leftist pressure groups like the SPLC would be very surprised to see this map. (The SPLC mistakenly considers the American Redoubt region to be some sort of hotbed of racism. It obviously isn't.)

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The Sage Mountain Center is sponsoring a series of free Solar Electric and Small Wind Power seminars in Eastern Montana. (In Plentywood, Wolf Point, and Glendive.) These seminars will be presented by Christopher Borton of Sage Mountain Center. No pre-registration required. For more information: E-mail: or call 406-494-9875

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