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Reader Greg G. sent a link to a video of a hour-long lecture by James Howard Kunstler about his book The Long Emergency.

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Some refreshing honesty in advertising: Cullman Mobile Home Liquidation in Alabama.

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If you own a Kindle reader (or have Kindle software for your laptop), then you might as well load it up with lots of free classic books. Check out the Catalog of Project Gutenberg E-Books (MOBI Edition) There are thousands of free tiles. All of them that are in "MOBI" format can be read with an Kindle-compatible. And of course all of their "PDF" books can be read only nearly any platform.

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Joel of America Stone has uploaded a new instructional video on knife sharpening. (See the bottom of their main web page.)

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A small company that does some interesting re-purposing: Military Bike Bags

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