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Mat P. sent another reminder that folks shouldn't eat mushrooms unless they are 100% sure of what they are collecting: Wild mushrooms kill 2, sicken 4

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Now Canadian police are parroting the same agenda-pushing SPLC "expert" rubbish: Anti-terrorism experts say lone white supremacists are the biggest threat in Canada. Alarmingly, anti-racist preppers, home schoolers, tax protestor, and various other conservatives have been tarred with the same brush as the radical anti-semitic neo-Nazi skinheads and other racists. By doing so, the leftist pressure groups seek to demonize anyone who doesn't share their views.

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I stumbled into a very interesting dramatized documentary produced by the BBC that is now available on YouTube: End Day.

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Lars was the first of several readers to suggest this: Ducking Google in search engines

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Citizens in 15 states file petitions to secede from United States. (Thanks to T.C. for the link.)

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