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Friday, Dec 7, 2012

The Coming Derivatives Panic That Will Destroy Global Financial Markets. [JWR Adds: I've been warning you about derivatives since 2006.]

R.B.S. sent: Obama Slaps States That Don't Comply With Obamacare

Also from R.B.S.: More Signs of Silver Shortage

Items from The Economatrix:

Shopper "Fatigue" Hurt Retails Sales Last Week

Home Prices Up 6.3% In October From Last Year. [JWR's Comment: It is remarkable what hundreds of billions of Dollars created out of thin air and the fantasy land ZIRP can create, in the short term. ]

"We Are In The Midst Of The Keynesian Depression"

US Households Already Went Off Their Fiscal Cliff And Breached Their Debt Ceiling--US Quickly Approaching Another Debt Ceiling Limit Aligning With The Fiscal Cliff

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