Letter Re: Dealing with a Genuine Pain in the Rear

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Mr. Rawles,
I would like to comment on the recent article by P.S. in Virginia on the sensitive (pun intended) subject of hemorrhoids.  I would suggest the use of arnica montana or just Arnica.  It comes in gel, cream, and sublingual tablets and acts as a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent.  Don't use the topicals on open wounds.  I am not in the medical field, but my chiropractor/nutritionist recommends it and I have used it for this very purpose and for others.  I purchase mine from Puritan.com, but it is available at many local health food stores, amazon.com, etc.  I have a good supply of the tablets and they are currently inexpensive.  I generally take a couple under the tongue and if it hasn't helped within 30 minutes, I can take more.  Obviously one must not take my word for it - do your own research -, but it's an inexpensive and powerful method to reduce many kinds of inflammation.  Hope that helps someone else. - Kevin K.

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