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Reader T.K., who lives in the Tri-cities [Richland, Pasco and Kennewick] region of Washington wrote to mention that local credit union, HAPO, is ordering in $2,000 in nickels for him with no fee charged. "I'm simply taking $2,000 out of my account with them and they are giving me $2,000 in nickels. It is going to take a week for the order to go through and they asked me to have some kind of bins to put them in but other than that they had no issues with me getting a bulk shipment of nickels. Yet another reason to live in the Redoubt." [JWR Adds: My bank in the Redoubt has accommodated my many requests for nickels in bulk over the past four years with no ruffled feathers. They have never requested any fees, even though I've often asked them to order nickels $1,000 at a time. (Ten $100 cardboard box "bricks" per order.) It is nice living in a place where even your banker doesn't feel the need to poke his nose into your business.]

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Montana Courtroom Incident Proves Wild Fire Can Burn Twice. (Thanks to Steven W. for the link.)

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Boise company's products kept the (solar) lights on during Hurricane Sandy

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Preparedness pays off: Snowmobiler survives weekend avalanche near McCall, Idaho

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Reader A.B. wrote to mention that there is a group of cloistered Carmelite brothers who are building a classic gothic European monastery in Wyoming.  They get a significant amount of the revenue from selling coffee beans that they roast.  You can read about them on the Charles Carroll Society web site. A.B's comments: "These brothers live and work exclusively for Christ.  They live separately from the world’s distractions praying for it and those in it.  They looked all over to find an unspoiled area where they still could buy a mountain top to build an isolated monastery and guess where they choose?  The American Redoubt!  These brothers appear to be traditional Catholics. (Notice the habits and they use a version of the traditional Latin Mass.) They participate in the public life by opening their monastery to Christian men who are looking for an isolated retreat, and they also have men-only services on Sunday.    I am also researching a cloistered group of sisters, but they initially appear to be much more progressive. It may not be a bad thing to know a bunch of traditional monks living in a remote castle in the Redoubt in the future."

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Duck hunter describes near-death experience on Snake River

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