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Here is an article that quotes your editor: Secession Theology Runs Deep in American Religious, Political History

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Fast and Furious fallout: Jeff Knox provides an update on the Reese family's travail.

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Reader F.J. liked this Life Hacker piece: Use 2-Liter Soda Bottles Instead of Sandbags for Winter Driving. JWR Adds a Proviso: Make sure that you stow those bottles low and behind a seat. Otherwise they will become head-smashing projectiles if you ever get in a wreck.

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Gregory R. suggested this Weather Channel video of the post-Hurricane Sandy northeast: Living a Month Without Power. I was amazed to see the man using bottled water to flush his toilet! Converting roof downspouts to fill rain barrels would be far more cost efficient and eliminate reliance on outside supply. This is something every homeowner should do, well in advance of disasters.

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R.C. sent this sign of real Hope and Change: The Nullification Movement

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