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Forget the Mayan calendar! Meet the 'preppers' who are getting ready for nuclear war, natural disasters, famine, and economic collapse

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For a short time, Archer Garrett's economic collapse novel The Western Front is available as a free Kindle book.

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H.L. sent: ‘How-to’ for EMP weapon stunningly accessible

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What Feinstein, Schumer and MSNBC hath wrought: Gun Buying Frenzy Photos and Firearms Supplier Sells More Than Three Years Worth Of Magazines In Just Three Days JWR Adds: I just placed a substantial magazine order with CDNN, by phone. It took two days on auto-dial to finally get through.  Once I did, I heard "sold out" so many times that I felt like I was in the Monty Python cheese shop routine. They told me that they are sold out of PMAGs, HK93 mags, AK74 mags, and many others.  They do have some supplies left of a few types that I hadn't expected (like FN PS90, FiveSeven, Steyr AUG, Ruger Mini-14 and FNC), but they are going fast.

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Directive 21 has announced a sale on Royal Berkey Systems for $270.50

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