Letter Re: A Few AR-15 Full Capacity Magazines Found Available

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I noticed yesterday that one of your readers (and I'm assuming many others) are looking for AR-15 magazines.

While I haven't yet tested the Israeli E-Lander magazines personally (I have six of them on order), the reviews seemed positive albeit the magazines are slightly heavy compared to a PMAG. Beggars can't be choosers in this [current political and market] environment. A few people noted they were not fitting in MEGA lower receiver magazine wells, and were very tight in some other receivers, however the majority of users had no issues. I believe the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) use these magazine. I wanted to let your readers know of their availability, as they claim they are 'In Stock' and receiving shipments weekly, however they are estimated to ship within 21 days. I placed my order today (1/10/2013) and it went through just fine.

With the potential forthcoming ban on normal-capacity magazines this may be the most expedient way to stock up on some, at a reasonable price.

As an added tip, the coupon code "ARFCOM" will get a small discount and the code "FREE-GRND" will get you free shipping if the order is more than $100. Both codes can be used at the same time.

Regards, - Nick in Ohio

JWR Replies: At around $18 each, those are a relative bargain, it today's frantic market. Watching some recent Gunbroker.com auctions and the ongoing sales at Buddy's Board, I've logged a few data points: Glock pistol magazines have gone up in price 3X or even 4X (jumping from around $19 each to $60 to $80 each), PMAGs are up 4X, USGI alloy M16 magazines are up 3X, steel FN-SCAR (M16/AR-15 compatible) magazines are up 4X or even 5X, FN-FAL magazines are up 2X, and Beta Company 100 round CMAGs are also up 2X. The real bargains are HK alloy G3 (HK91 compatible) magazines and Steyr AUG magazines. Those are both up only 10% to 20%. My advice: Stock up before an import ban is declared via Executive Order, folks! I've been warning you since 2007: Almost as important as food storage, magazines are critical items for every well-prepared family's program of Hamsterungen.

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