Letter Re: Advice on M1A Rifle Assembly and Disassembly

Sunday, Jan 20, 2013

Mr. Rawles,
Great information, as always.  I read with considerable interest the article on 308 battle rifles by Ulysses in Montana, and it made me think once again of my M1A and the one dilemma I have with it; how to break it down for cleaning.  I come from an M16/AR-15 background, having spend some years in the Army.  It is also very easy to find a wide variety of videos on the AR-15 platform,  many with great video closeups of how to break down and clean that weapon.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a similar video for the M1A rifle.  Do you have any recommendations for a video that I could buy (or YouTube would be even better, I find it hard to believe I can't find one there!) that would give me good, detailed information on how to field strip and properly clean an M1A?

Thanks so much, - Terry G.

JWR Replies: I've always liked the videos produced by American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI). Their M1 Garand / M1A Rifles Armorer's Course starts with field stripping and reassembly, but then it goes a lot deeper: Detailed assembly and disassembly to the very smallest parts, (even the rear sight--careful don't lose those ball bearings!), bore inspection and gauging, glass bedding, the whole works! Reader J.W.J. mentioned this free illustrated PDF that is also quite instructive.

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