Letter Re: Advice on Washing Military Utility Uniforms

Wednesday, Jan 9, 2013

What would you recommend when washing military uniforms at home? I was wondering if soap nuts are a wise choice since they have no optical brighteners. What do you use? Thanks, - Brian X.

JWR Replies: I'd recommend using Atsko Sport Wash. Not only does it not have any brighteners, but it is also unscented. Dogs and even people with sensitive noses can smell detergent scents and perfumes, which could reveal your position if you are in a close ambush situation. Laundry scents also overwhelm your own sense of smell, making it less likely for you to smell your opponents' cooking and tobacco odors. And since your camos will likely be doing double duty as hunting clothes, using an unscented detergent is crucial. (Deer and elk reportedly have a sense of smell that is even more acute than that of hounds.)

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