Letter Re: One Approach at a EDC Get Home Bag

Monday, Jan 14, 2013

Hi James,
I have gone through many variants of a BoB or EDC Bag over the years, and feel that I've found a really good setup for a "covert" EDC bag that can function as a get home bag (GHB) more so than a BoB.  It doesn't draw unwanted attention to carrier, but provides what I think is essential to EDC.  

As a summary, I am using a 5.11 Covrt Backpack as my bag.  It provides all the needs I want in a "tactical" bag but doesn't scream "HEY LOOK!! I have a MOLLE bag with a bunch of stuff on it!  Shoot me first bad guy (or LEO, take notice of me)."

It is set up with:

That still leave plenty of room within the pack itself.  This is a bag I carry into work and in my car on a daily basis, and no-one gives me a second look.  Previously, I had a MOLLE bag with most of the same items in it, but it would draw unwanted attention to myself (even though I thought it looked cool). 

Regards, - Nick K.

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