Letter Re: Traffic Web Cams as Remote Intelligence Assets

Saturday, Jan 5, 2013

I was looking at the weather in Ohio the other day. I was using web cameras operated by the Department of Transportation and it got me to thinking that this could be a good way to gather intelligence.

If the power stays on and you have computer / Internet capabilities you could look at weather cams in any of the 50 States by going to the link:  State Traffic Webcams

Click on the state and go from there. Most have the major areas covered, where there are expected to be traffic problems but some have back roads as well.

It might be worth studying your area now and looking at your bug out routes to gather some intelligence on the normal, day-to-day, road conditions and also how the traffic flows all year long.

Living in Hawaii I check the Honolulu Traffic Cams daily before I leave work and sometimes when I come home.

It might help!

I love living in these United States of America! 73, - D.S.H.

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