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Wyoming has nation's 4th highest population growth. Also in the news: Wyoming may loosen gun laws. (Among other things, allowing teachers to arm themselves. Yes!)

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Reader R.B.S. sent: Idaho ranks last in earnings by full, part-time job holders. No wonder that bartering is so popular in Idaho. Ditto for the underground economy.

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I noticed that Ulti-MAK (in Moscow, Idaho) has added several new scout style scope mounts to their product line. They also now have a good assortment of rail-mounted optics and gear.

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The Nampa, Idaho Rod & Gun Club is organizing the 10th Annual Vietnam Memorial Battle Rifle Match on Saturday March 30, 2013. Shooters must use a military infantry rifle or carbine made from 1892 to present. (Can be U.S. issue or foreign made with open iron sights in original as issued condition, such as M1, M1A/M14, AR-15A2, etc.) If you have questions, contact the match director Jeffrey W. Collins Nampa Rod & Gun Club Ordinance Officer/CMP Director-Instructor a:t (208) 465-7647 or E-mail at

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Also in Nampa-- (You've gotta love Idaho!)--There will be 52 new guns raffled as a fundraiser for the Rollie Lane Invitational Wrestling Match at Columbia High School in Nampa, Idaho. One gun per minute for 52 minutes. Only 1,000 tickets will be sold.

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