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Large Cities All Over America Are Degenerating Into Gang-Infested War Zones. Meanwhile we read this madness: Connecticut Democrat state senator Edward Meyer pushed for Barney Fife Law. That eastern Nanny State idiocy is balanced by this news story from Texas: HPD: Witnesses shoot robbery suspect. Be sure to watch the video. Kudos to the vigilante Texas dog, too.

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Safecastle has announced a big "The Food Abides" sale. Check out their selection and prices. Included in this sale are: Yoder's meats, a dairy variety pack and cases of bacon, cheese, butter and ghee.

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Reader Will T. suggested this bit of old-time technology that could be re-created, if needed: Before Maw Bell - Rural Telephone Systems in the West

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Chris P. spotted this: Utah town makes arming households a top priority

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Seed for Security is now featuring their Flint Indian Corn in a 3/4-pint vapor proof pouch. Enough to plant 285 hills. Plant corn 4 or more rows together for excellent pollination. See it on their Products page. Seed for Security is offering a bonus packet of Flint Indian Corn (approximately 300 seeds) and a bonus packet of Provider Beans (approximately 150 seeds) for customers ordering $75 or more.

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