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I really learned a lot from the Cooking the Farmyard Fowl article by Irishfarmer.  My chicken flock is reaching an average of two years of age and they are laying fewer eggs.  It is time to learn how to put them into the stew pot.

I had two questions raised from that article.  How do you make a killing cone, and how do you kill and process a chicken?  I found good information at the following links:

How to Make a Killing Cone  It includes sizing information ranging from bantams to turkeys.  That page referred me to How to Kill and Process a Chicken

On another subject, I have been compiling information, such as the above, on all subjects of preparedness, by creating PDF files using the free openoffice.org Writer software, and storing the files onto 4GB SDHC cards, which are suitable for use in any basic Android OS type of e-reader device.  I select e-readers based on their ability to display files from SD cards and to be able to charge up from a 12VDC power source.  One such suitable device is the Pandigital Novel, which is now showing up on discount electronics web sites.  I believe that these e-readers and SD cards will be highly useful for both survival and barter in the post SHTF world.

Regards, - Curtis from Texas

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