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A Montana television station's regular programming was interrupted by news of a zombie apocalypse...

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FAA Releases New Drone List. (Note that there are just a few airports in the American Redoubt, compared to other parts of the country)

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Oregon-collared wolf killed by Idaho Hunter

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I heard that Armageddon Armory in Nampa, Idaho still has some firearms inventory available, and they just took delivery of a large batch of TAPCO polymer magazines. Many gun shops across the country have empty shelves. So it is nice find one that still has a decent inventory. At last report, they have available: "4 Century R1A1 .308 rifles, 6 Anderson Arms free float AR-15 rifles, 2 M1 Carbines, and just one each of the following: CETME .308, Springfield M1A SOCOM Scout, Sterling 9mm carbine, Calico 9mm, Barrett .50 BMG, Armalite bolt action .50 BMG, Bushmaster XM15 .223, Bushmaster M4, and a Stag Arms left hand AR-15." They also mentioned that they have "...more ammo en route at this time from Magtech and Sellier & Belloit."

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Where Are Guns Made? Mapping Gun And Ammunition Makers In Idaho. Oh, and next door: Firearm Manufacturers in Wyoming

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PNW Arms (in Potlatch, Idaho) is already well-known for their Cold Tracer bullets. They are now developing a line of bullets designed for extreme penetration through water. I'm sue that the U.S. Navy has taken notice.

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BVAC Ammunition (in Stevensville, Montana) is presently sold out of .223 ammunition. But they are doing their best to catch up. They still have several other types of ammunition in stock.

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WWII Battle of Midway hero Jim Muri dies at 93 in Billings, Montana.

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